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Flipping Houses Has Become A Fascinating—And Sometimes Very Fulfilling—Way To Make Money. By Taking An Ordinary House And Making It Extraordinary, You Can Make A Ton Of Cash From Improving It! All It Takes Is A Bit Of Hard Work, Style, And The Initial Investment—And Voila!—Success. Welcome To FlippingBasics.com, Your Free Guide To Everything You Need To Know About Flipping Houses. Here, You'll Find Free Resources, Articles, And Information On Our Helpful, Easy-To-Use Site.

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Flip This House!
A recently well publicized phenomenon in the real estate world is the concept of buying a house for cheap, fixing it up, and then selling it at a profit- known as “flipping”. This is not a new concept, but the idea is gaining in popularity as it becomes the topic of a wide variety of television shows and documentaries. This article outlines the basic idea behind the flipping concept, as well as some observations about where the money seems to lie and how to get the best value. Start low, aim high: The fundamental concept of the flip is making a profit by buying a house at a low price based on projects that must be done in order to get it resellable, then doing the work and putting it back...
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Real Estate Investing - Books,TV Infomercials, and Seminars
Real estate investing has become popularized today because of real estate investing TV infomercials and traveling seminar circuits. But real estate investing has not always been so popular. In the 1960s, William Nickerson wrote, "How I Turned $1000 into Three Million in Real Estate" and "How to Make a Fortune Today Starting from Scratch." It was one of the first real estate investing books to get national attention. A little later, Al Lowry authored "How You Can Become Financially Independent by Investing in Real Estate." Al Lowry might be called "the father of the modern-day real estate seminars," because he was the first to hold seminars as a result of his book sales. But it was Mark...
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The Top 4 Tips For Success When Flipping Houses
Lots of people are flipping houses these days, and if you're unfamiliar with the term, flipping a house simply means buying and then selling a home quickly for profit. There are different ways to do this, but in this article we will focus on buying a home under market value, rehabbing it, and then selling it for a profit within a short time frame, usually a couple of months or so. And here are the top four tips for making money when you flip houses. 1. The first and most important point to keep in mind is to thoroughly know the houses that you buy. Instead of looking for potential houses to buy all over town, try to focus on one particular area and get to know real estate values in that...
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Tax Tips For Real Estate Investors Using Ira Funds

Stephen Nelson

You’ve seen the advertisements and news articles. IRA funds can be used to make real estate investments. But before you jump on this bandwagon, make sure you understand some of the tax planning angles related to this opportunity.

Passive Loss Deductions

Almost always, an important component of your real estate profits comes from the tax savings associated with depreciation. These paper losses, referred to as passive losses by the Internal Revenue Code, can save both small and professional real estate investors thousands of dollars a year in income taxes. Unfortunately, passive losses from depreciation and related, similar tax deductions won’t benefit real estate investors investing through IRAs.

Capital Gains Preferences

If you sell an investment for a profit—whether a stock or real estate—you get a tax break because your profit gets taxed at a preferential capital gains tax rate. In the best case scenario under current tax law, for example, your capital gains get taxed at 15% rather than at 35%.

Unfortunately, by putting real estate inside of an IRA, you lose this benefit. In effect, the appreciation you enjoy from your real estate investment gets taxed at your marginal income tax rate rather than at the capital gains rate. (Fortunately, the tax gets paid when you withdraw the money.)

Note: This “problem” also exists for other investments that produce capital gains, such as stocks and mutual funds that invest in stocks.

Unrelated Business Income Tax

In certain special circumstances, an IRA needs to pay income taxes on the profits it generates. These taxes, called unrelated business income taxes, essentially put the IRA investor in the same position as a regular taxable investor.

For example, if you’re developing and then flipping properties inside your IRA, you may actually be an active trade or business. And in this case, your real estate investment—even though it’s inside an IRA—may be subject to income taxes. (Your IRA custodian is supposed to report your taxable income and tax liability, and then pay the taxes but many don’t…)

And here’s another example of a situation where the unrelated business income tax can trip you up. If you borrow money to invest in real estate—the typical situation in any leveraged real estate investment—the profit you earn on the money you’ve borrowed is treated as unrelated business income. Accordingly, that profit is subject to unrelated business income tax.

Unrelated business income inside an IRA is taxed according to trust taxation rules, which means that as soon as you’ve made much money at all, you’re taxed at the highest marginal tax rates. Ouch.

Closing Caveats

Real estate is a great investment. And real estate belongs in any investor’s portfolio. But you need to think carefully about buying into the idea of using your IRA to make real estate investments. If you do decide to invest in real estate through your IRA, first consult with your tax advisor.

About the Author :

Delaware LLC formation author & CPA Stephen L. Nelson has written more than 150 books. Formerly an adjunct tax professor at Golden Gate University—the nation’s largest graduate tax school—Nelson is also the author of QuickBooks for Dummies. Copyright © by 2006 by Stephen L. Nelson, CPA. Contact him at http://www.llcsexplained.com/doityourself_Delaware.htm.

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Making money with a "fix and flip" property is a great way to make money in real estate. However, it isn't about repairing drywall and planting flowers. It's all about how you do the numbers. People often buy and sell a fixer-upper without a definite plan. They buy a house, fix it up, then add $10,000 or $20,000 onto their costs. They then put the house up for sale at this price. Have you ever bought a house according to what the seller has into it? Of course not. You look at similar houses to determine the value. If you have $110,000 into a fix-and-flip project, and similar homes are selling for $105,000, how much will you get? It has nothing to do with what you've spent, does it? The Fix And Flip Formula 1. Determine the after-repair value of the house you're looking at. Get an appraiser's help, or look at what similar houses have actually sold for (not asking prices). The price it's likely to sell for is going to be your starting point. 2. Calculate costs: closing fees, loan fees, document prep, homeowner's insurance, title policy, repair costs, interest on loans, property taxes, sales commission, fees, title policy, etc. You want projected costs of all four categories: buying, improving, carrying, and selling. Subtract all costs from the expected sales price. 3. Subtract a profit that makes it worth the effort. Now you have the highest price you can pay. You have to walk away if you can't get it for this price or less. You'll offer thousands less, of course, to give yourself negotiating room. A Fix And Flip Example You've found a fixer-upper, and determined you can get $98,000 for it when it's done. Buying costs will be $2,000. Repair estimates add up to $8,000. Carrying costs will be $2,500. Sales commission and other closing costs...
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With interest rates still low, and with so many people moving back to urban areas, house flipping has become a popular and profitable way for women to make a good income and still have time to be mom.

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With interest rates still low, and with so many people moving back to urban areas, house flipping has become a popular and profitable way for smart women to make a good income and still have time to be mom. Real estate investor Jody Johansen is exploring the Dallas housing market, looking for a good property to renovate and flip for a profit. "This real estate market is pretty incredible,” says ...

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House-Flipping Pros and Co-Hosts of HGTV’s Hit Reality Show Flip or Flop Introduce Their “Tell All” House-Flipping Training Event in Select Cities Across America (PRWeb July 22, 2014) Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/07/prweb12012650.htm

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