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Flipping Houses Has Become A Fascinating—And Sometimes Very Fulfilling—Way To Make Money. By Taking An Ordinary House And Making It Extraordinary, You Can Make A Ton Of Cash From Improving It! All It Takes Is A Bit Of Hard Work, Style, And The Initial Investment—And Voila!—Success. Welcome To FlippingBasics.com, Your Free Guide To Everything You Need To Know About Flipping Houses. Here, You'll Find Free Resources, Articles, And Information On Our Helpful, Easy-To-Use Site.

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Six Reasons Why You Should Buy Real Estate in December
December and New Year's Day give you the perfect occasion to buy real estate. Not only can you pick up a bargain property from a motivated seller, you can save on your purchase expenses. 1. Home shoppers put off looking for a home because of holiday decorating, shopping, and parties. Plus, the cold weather makes home buyers prefer to stay home; they wait for warm weather to buy real estate. Get the edge with little competition from other buyers. 2. Home sellers who didn't sell during the recent buying frenzy are worried that their home will not sell. Any seller offering their home for sale during the holiday season is motivated. 3. Real estate agents need to keep their momentum going...
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The Rich are Making Big Money in Real Estate
The over-whelming majority of America's wealthiest families have made their fortunes in real estate, according to a new study. The survey, conducted over a two-month period before the end of 2005, indicates those surveyed made their fortunes investing in real estate. The study was conducted by Real Estate Add, which is an information driven website. Many start out investing in single family homes, par-lay their profits into other real estate and discover wealth in investment real estate. The stock market has produced many wealthy individuals, but not like real estate. Only eleven percent of the 500 respondents surveyed said they made their fortunes in stocks or other...
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The Top 4 Tips For Success When Flipping Houses
Lots of people are flipping houses these days, and if you're unfamiliar with the term, flipping a house simply means buying and then selling a home quickly for profit. There are different ways to do this, but in this article we will focus on buying a home under market value, rehabbing it, and then selling it for a profit within a short time frame, usually a couple of months or so. And here are the top four tips for making money when you flip houses. 1. The first and most important point to keep in mind is to thoroughly know the houses that you buy. Instead of looking for potential houses to buy all over town, try to focus on one particular area and get to know real estate values in that...
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Flipping Houses

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Flipping Houses: 3 Ways to Make Money Investing in Real Estate

Jeanette Joy Fisher

The term flipping seems to be everywhere nowadays, including in the titles of a number of television shows that have attracted loyal followings. That means lots of people are interested in buying houses and reselling them at a profit. That's the good news. The bad news is that there's considerably more competition for fixer-upper homes than there was before the concept became so popular among television viewers.

But that doesn't mean there isn't still a significant amount of money to be made buying and reselling homes. Here are three tried-and-true ways to succeed at becoming a successful home flipper.

Fixing and Flipping Houses

The first one is the most popular, and the concept is quite simple (at least on the surface): you find a home that's in need of repair or upgrading, you go in and do whatever work is necessary, and then you put the home on the retail market. Depending upon where you live, how hot your market is, and how good of a bargain hunter you are, you can sometimes make $25,000 (or much more) on a single transaction.

There are some dangers involved in that strategy, of course, including paying too much for the property in the first place and then in underestimating how much the repairs or upgrades will cost. In fact, the latter situation provides one of the most common points of tension in the various television shows devoted to flipping houses, so it's best to have a solid knowledge of home prices and repair costs before you attempt any flipping method.

Fix, Hold, and Sell Later

A second method that works well is to buy a rundown house, do whatever it takes to bring the property up to standard, and then to rent the home on a lease-option basis. There are some advantages to this method. First, you can get a potential buyer into your home without having to pay a real estate fee. Second, you'll be getting a renter who genuinely wants to buy the home at the end of the lease, so they'll take better care of the property. Finally, there may be some tax advantages to you if it takes more than a year for the lease option period to expire. Check with your tax advisor for more details on that.

Flipping Houses

A third method requires a greater knowledge of home prices and repair/upgrade costs, but it can make you a considerable amount of money without having to do any repairs yourself. That method involves finding properties and reselling them to other investors on an as-is basis. You won't make as much money per transaction, since you'll have to sell at a below-market price to the next investor, but depending upon your market and how good you are at finding bargains, you can flip those properties faster, since you won't be doing any repairs or upgrades before you turn around and resell them.

Fixing and reselling homes has been an investment strategy for centuries, and will continue to be a popular investment option as long as folks still live in houses. You can get your piece of that pie if you shop hard, estimate carefully, and know your market!

Copyright © 2006 Jeanette J. Fisher

Jeanette Fisher helps beginning real estate investors with five easy steps to make money in real estate. http://www.doghousetodollhousefordollars.com Free ebooks, teleseminars and Free Real Estate Investing Information

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"Flip" - It's Not Just Another 4-Letter Word
The day HUD released FR (Final Rule)-4615 Prohibition of Property Flipping, "flip" became a four-letter word. Utter the F word at a conference or seminar, and you're liable to be spending your lunch break at a cozy table for one. After all, flipping real estate is unethical, and according to the government flipping is illegal … or is it? To you and your loan officer colleagues, "flip" may very well be a four-letter word, but to the hundreds of thousands of people who tune in to reality TV shows, like Flip This House and Flip That House, flipping is a shrewd and honorable way to earn a buck in real estate. So, who's right? Both of you. Real estate flipping has a double meaning, a split personality, a sunny and a sinister side. Criminals practice flipping to artificially inflate home values and sell overpriced homes to ill-informed buyers. Or they cash out the inflated equity, sticking the lender with the bill and leaving a legacy of foreclosures and vacancies. The dark side of flipping destroys credit ratings, raises interest rates, and ruins neighborhoods. Over the long haul, it threatens to squash the American dream of home ownership. It is unethical, immoral, and illegal. what's your opinion ??????????????????????????? ralphroberts@ralphroberts.com www.flippingfrenzy.com Flipping the right way, however, is a perfectly legitimate strategy for making money in real estate. You buy a property below market value, fix it up (or not), and sell it for more than you invested in it. Do it well, and you can earn a handsome profit. Make a serious blunder, and you suffer a loss. This fix-it-and-flip-it approach has a positive effect on the real estate market. It increases property values, improves neighborhoods, and provides quality housing for those who need it....
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It takes a resources and expert know-how to make flipping homes a success. A careful evaluation of the property, its location, and the climate of the real estate market must be carried out with a sharp and discerning eye.  Like the stock market, the real estate market has a cycle of high growth and demand;

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Can you still do a short-term house flip using federally insured, low-down payment mortgage money? That's an important question for buyers, sellers, investors and realty agents who've taken part in a nationwide wave of renovations and quick resales using Federal Housing Administration-backed...

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Tom Eblen: Four young partners flip headline-making house disaster into showplace mansion
Four young men with backgrounds in architecture and real estate decided to pool their money, buy an old house, renovate it and try to resell it at a profit. What they ended up with was a three-story, 5,282-square-foot Queen Anne mansion built in 1889 that was such a disaster it made headlines. Over the next 16 months, this house-flipping project almost flipped them.

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